Programme 2021

15 June 2021 (Virtual) - All Timings in Central European Time

12:30 - 13:30

1-2-1 Meetings & Networking

13:30 - 13:35

Chair's Opening Remarks

13:35 - 14:00 - Case Study

Beyond the Factory Walls – Scaling Digitalisation in Manufacturing

Petra Monn, Program Lead for Factory Digitalization, Siemens AG

  • Systematic analysis, roadmap and company throughout implementation in the factory
  • Establishing communities beyond individual factories to empower scalability
  • Accumulating expertise not only on technological features but its interplay with manufacturing processes
  • Partnering with solution providers to enhance Siemens IT and OT tools based on insights from Siemens’ own factories

14:05 - 14:30 - Solution Spotlight

Smart Manufacturing Journey at KONE

Martin Navratil, Director, Manufacturing Network Development, KONE Corporation

  • Why, what and how
  • MOM systems as digitalisation layer
  • Change management, not technology

14:35 - 15:00 - Case Study

Transform Traditional Manufacturing into a Digital Operational World

Roberto Napione, Manufacturing Knowledge Area. EU/ASIA/AMERICAS Manager, SKF Group

  • Smart Manufacturing for SKF: the key elements to define a digital vision in the factories
  • Digital Elements in SKF world class manufacturing: top “must have” in a production environment
  • Roles and responsibility: new reality, new knowledge to develop, new competencies to set up. Importance of partnership and cooperation with University
  • Machine reliability: Combine knowledge, data and reality solutions for the product using the company knowledge making new services for customer and internal step up
  • Impact on sustainability and circular economy

15:05 - 15:30 - Solution Spotlight

Accelerating Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Alberto Pinzello, Sales Executive, IoT & AR, Rockwell Automation

  • More and more companies perceive value in digital transformation. However, several companies appear to be stuck in “pilot project purgatory”. What could the approach be to accelerate the business outcomes?
  • Companies have nowadays tons of data, but often reside on separate OT & IT systems. It is therefore crucial to access and connect multiple data sources to provide real-time insight to the right person at the right time
  • Unplanned downtime can be mitigated by the adoption of real-time monitoring, diagnostic and predictive analytics. What is the effort to implement such analyses?
  • A shortage of skilled workers combined with increasing product and operations complexity is causing an industrial workforce crisis. How could technology help?

15:30 - 15:55

1-2-1 Meetings & Networking

15:55 - 16:20 - Case Study

Digital and Automation Technologies Towards Human-Centered Manufacturing: From Theory to Industrial Practice

Carmen Constantinescu, Leader “Digital Manufacturing 4.0”, Research Area “Cognitive Engineering and Production”, Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering - IAO

Industry 4.0 digital and automation technologies for human-centred manufacturing 5.0
Case Study 1: Human-centred workplaces with integrated wearable robotics – exoskeletons
Case Study 2: Autonomous disinfection of crucial manufacturing areas based on BIM and digital twin integrated mobile robotics

16:25 - 16:50 - Solution Spotlight

Next Generation Performance Management for your Continuous Improvement 4.0

Greg Woods, Customer Success Manager, iObeya

Nicola Olivetti, Lean & Industry 4.0 Program Director, iObeya

Today’s manufacturing environment requires fast responses to sudden changes. iObeya as a Digital Visual Management System helps you overcome these challenges.

Join our demo to see how to extract value from both the Lean and Digital worlds.
  • Digitised Manufacturing use cases for performance management 
  • Multi-layer manufacturing steering systems
  • Remote collaboration

Industry 4.0 is now. Catch the wave.

16:55 - 17:20 - Case Study

Closed-Loop In-Process Quality Improvement: Scaling for ‘Right-First-Time’ Production

Professor Darek Ceglarek, Professor & EPSRC Star Recruit Research Chair, WMG, University of Warwick

  • Quality and productivity improvement analytics with capabilities to use in-line/in-process monitoring data and includes analytics for (i) RCA; & (ii) corrective and preventive actions (CAPA)
  • Configuration, optimisation & control of assembly process from design-to-production.
  • Case study: Automotive assembly process for e-mobility

17:25 - 17:50 - Case Study

Leading IT/OT Convergence; Planning, Planning...and more Planning

Christopher Nichols, Director IT/OT Resiliency & Support, Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.

  • Segregation between IT and OT
  • Planning deployments of OT applications (planning cycle, ideas, vision, solution, build, deploy/support)
  • Building a POC for production
  • Change management for OT

17:55 - 18:20 - Case Study

Vertical System Integration on Manufacturing

Ricardo Narciso Schiochet, Digital Manufacturing Regional Leader - LATAM, Kimberly-Clark

  • One of the 9 pillars from the basic concept of Industry 4.0
  • Time consumption to capture data and not reliable to make fast and precise decisions
  • Level system are well integrated. Level system are NOT well integrated across each other
  • Business processes are not accurate and time demanding

  • KPIs in real time
  • Problem solving will be more accurate
  • Business process gets optimised
  • Quality performance increases and waste decreases
  • Traceability from raw material through finished good products way more accurate
  • Right security for the right role and activities

18:20 - 18:25

Chair's Closing Remarks

18:25 - 19:25

1-2-1 Meetings & Networking