Join us virtually this June to explore the changes, developments and challenges that 2020 has brought on the four integral design principles that make Industry 4.0 what it is.

Industry 4.0 has played a key role in the pandemic response for most manufacturing companies

Industry 4.0 is about revolutionizing the way your entire business operates and grows. 2020 caused ripples all across the manufacturing industry, and industry 4.0 came even further into the spotlight. Companies that had already transitioned into digital technologies felt relieved; companies in the process saw the need to accelerate it, and companies yet to transition felt anew the urgency to do so. 

In association with EMS and AMS, the 2nd Global Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Virtual Summit will be a half day event held in June. Gathering together industry heads and professionals to give a snapshot of how Industry 4.0 helped keep their manufacturing operations running through the crisis, and in cases even emerge in an even better position.